3esi-Enersight and Palantir Solutions have joined forces to form Aucerna, the energy industry’s leading provider of solutions for integrated planning, operations,and reserves.

Palantir Solutions is 3esi-Enersight’s sixth strategic acquisition in four years. Today Aucerna is a global source of technology and expertise for the energy industry, serving more than 500 customers from 12 global offices.

Aucerna proudly serves the industry’s largest base of customers, from super-majors and emerging operators to energy investors, consultants and educational institutions. Aucerna solutions are deployed in every region of the globe, helping companies make better investment decisions by connecting the people and the data of the modern energy industry.

Complete Upstream Platform

Aucerna is the only company to offer a complete solution for every function of front office E&P. Our software roadmap has been guided by decades of operator feedback and industry best practices and currently represents the evolution of over one thousand man-years of development effort.

Industry Leading Solutions

Each Aucerna solution has been specifically built to solve unique problems for upstream companies and all of our solutions are integrated to deliver a complete picture of front office planning, operations, and reserves.

Industry Focus and Expertise

Aucerna has had a single, decade-long focus on improving front office E&P workflows. We offer unmatched leadership expertise across all facets of front-office workflows. Today Aucerna is a major upstream oil and gas industry source of thought leadership, technical events, training,and forward-looking research.

Our Basic Agenda for Business Solutions

Planning Solution

Aucerna Planning Solutions deliver complete asset to corporate work-flows for integrated planning across your entire organization, providing planners and senior executives with accurate, timely data to support key decisions.
Aucerna Planning solutions enable asset teams to produce accurate production forecasts, economic evaluations and defensible development scenarios that fully consider timing, fiscal and operational constraints. Planning teams can quickly evaluate exploration and development options, or rapidly adapt existing plans as market and field level realities shift.
Asset level scenarios are seamlessly integrated with corporate focused planning tools, facilitating portfolio wide financial analysis, strategy development capital allocation across operations of any type, region or maturity.

Execution Solutions

Aucerna Execute is the industry’s leading, integrated capital management and operational planning solution. It helps E&P companies effectively manage capital spending, and reduce downtime caused by schedule clashes and inefficient execution. Aucerna Execute combines all aspects of capital management and operational planning into a single system with integrated modules for budgeting, capital forecasting, capital tracking, AFE management, operational scheduling and readiness workflows. Aucerna Execute helps operators align teams, eliminate data errors, and share critical information with key stakeholders, exactly when they need it, leading to increased visibility into capital spending and reducing the erosion of value caused by disconnected teams and disparate data.

Reserves Solutions

Aucerna’s solution for Reserves Management is a complete, corporate reserves life-cycle management system for operators with complex operations and reserves management workflows. It features the industry’s most powerful corporate reserves management software – Aucerna Reserves, powered by Petro Look. Today, Aucerna software is used to manage billions of barrels of reserves in companies ranging from small independents to international super majors.

Aucerna's solution for Reserves Management provides operators with comprehensive and flexible reserves workflows, analysis and reporting, integrating data from multiple sources across the organization to paint a complete picture of corporate reserves.