Avayo Electronics

AVAYO ELECTRONICS CANADA CORPORATION is a Canadian Corporate involved in the design, development, manufacture,and marketing of Communication infrastructure products and raised floor solutions. The company has been involved in the worldwide cable, connectivity,and data center market, providing highly differentiated, high-performance products since 2001. AVAYO ELECTRONICS established its exclusive corporate office in the Ontario Business hub, Canada with the intention to satisfy the industry's growing needs. Today AVAYO ELECTRONICS has spread its operation with offices and factories located in Canada, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with its strategic partners across the globe.

The core key that has led to the growth of AVAYO ELECTRONICS is the commitment that the company has to maintain in its manufacturing excellence and the continuous strive in research and design development. The warranty and assurance AVAYO ELECTRONICS have provided to its customers with regards to the product quality has also played a pivotal role in its growth. The quality standards of AVAYO products are backed by the ISO 9001 as well U/L certifications. AVAYO ELECTRONICS also has exclusive joint ventures to source the highest quality raw materials and related products, thereby maintaining its standards at all the levels of production.

AVAYO Canada Corporation is the ONLY manufacturer in the Middle East to produce high quality Raised Floor solutions based on Cement, Wood, and Calcium Sulphate cores. AVAYO manufactures Raised floor Panels such as:

  • Cement core Panels with stringer system:

    AVAYO Cement Panels are fabricated with a top steel sheet welded to a formed steel bottom pan filled internally with a lightweight cementitious material which is totally encased within the steel welded shell. The steel shell is protected from corrosion by applying epoxy paint. The panel sizes are either 600x600 mm or 500x500 mm size and are available in bare finish or factory finish options like antistatic High PressureLaminationor Vinyl Finish

  • Wood core panels:

    Made of high densitychipboard, AVAYO wood core panels offer a reliable and stable flooring system. The bottom of the 600x600mm particleboard glued to galvanized steel or covered with aluminum foil and top finish can be either aluminum foil or antistatic finishes like vinyl or HPL. The edge of the panel protected with a conductive PVC coating to prevent panels from moisture and damage. Due to its low weight characteristics and easiness in installation. It is suggested as an ideal solution for large installations.

  • Calcium Sulphate panels:

    These panels made with heavy-duty Calcium Sulphate core glued to galvanized steel bottom and anti-static finish at the top. The bottom steel varies from 0.6mm to 1.0mm as per loading capacity and the edge of the panel protected with a conductive PVC coating to prevent panels from moisture and damage. These panels are highly recommended for data center application due to its moisture-free, soundproof and emission free properties.

  • Perforated & Airflow panels

    Fully steel or aluminum constructed airflow panels or perforated panels are designed to carry heavy load applications. The rate of perforation on the panels is varying according to the airflow level. The top finish will be antistatic HPL or Vinyl.

There are some different types of Systems available for Installation of Raised Floor like:

  • Built-in Trunking System

    Raised Floor with Trunking system made of cement tiles with cable tanks surrounded each tile or alternative tiles facilitating very efficient cable management solution for offices, banks computer labs, commercial towers,etc. Low profile and high profile systems are available in built-in Trunking System.

  • Corner Lock System

    In this system, panel edges fixed to pedestal head with four screw bolts which pass through matched holes in panel edge and pedestal heads. Tiles can be either 600x600 mm or 500x500 mm and maximum recommended height is 450 mm

  • Stringer System

    Though stringer system is used for most of the raised floor applications, AVAYO stringer system refers to cement core steel panels used with pedestal and stringer substructure. As in the case of Trunking system, panels made of cement core totally encased within the steel welded shell.

    The system is available either with electro-deposited epoxy paint, ceramic finish or with antistatic HPL or Vinyl top finish