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IDC “EFFECT” Detergent

Industrial Detergent Composition “EFFECT” (Specifications TU 2381-001-64445981-2010 (weakly alkaline) is a universal ecologically safe industrial detergent of new generation for cleaning any surfaces from any kind of contamination.

IDC “EFFECT” can replace industrial detergents using solvents on the basis of oil products, alcohols, trichlorethyls, caustic alkali compositions and acids, traditionally used for in-process washing and cleaning of components and assembly units before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and another protective coating.

IDC “EFFECT” is biodegradable fire-flame-proof compound classified as Grade 4 marginally hazardous substances (GOST 121 007-76) (aqueous working solution with 0.1-2% concentration, рН=9, 0-9, 2).

IDC Chemical can be applied in all the sector & fields like:

  • Oil Tank Cleaning

  • Aviation Industry & Military

  • Re-cultivation

  • Machine Building Industries

  • Public Utilities

  • Degreasing of Animal Skins field

  • Railway Car Cleaning

  • Cleaning of Heat Exchangers

  • Enhance e Oil Recovery

Use of IDC “EFFECT” for the purpose of cleaning oil tanks for oil and oil products demonstrates the basic economic advantages in comparison with traditional technological methods currently in use.

    Industrial detergent is designed for:

  • Removal of fat and oil contamination before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and other protective coatings

  • Effective cleaning from the Buksol lubricant and synthetic lubricants of MOBILITY SHC 221 type (that can generally be washed off only with the use of benzine)

  • Processing of surfaces made of ferrous and nonferrous metals, glass and polymers, industrial rubber components (products) used in machine-building industry, electrical engineering, electronic and food industries;

  • Washing of cisterns and other tanks from bitumen, oil, light oil products and other contaminants of high viscosity;

  • Cleaning of premises (floors, walls, windows) from oil, fat, lubricant and other household contaminants;

  • Washing of cooling and heating systems;

  • Cleaning from soot, boiler deposits, salt residues, GOI polishing pastes in in-process washing and cleaning operations ;

  • Graffiti removal