Paradigm delivers positive customer outcomes through integrated software applications based on industry workflows. These applications are backed by comprehensive support & training.

Our well-diversified, global upstream oil and gas exploration & production customer base includes over 700 national oil companies (NOCs), super-major exploration and production oil companies, a medium-to-large independent exploration and production oil companies, and seismic processing service firms.

Paradigm is an active supporter of industry consortia and educational sponsorship in geophysical research and development. Paradigm has a long history of successful private equity investment. As part of Emerson, Paradigm has found a stable and permanent home in the broader Automation Solutions portfolio. We’re making the strategic investments necessary to continue to meet customer needs for years to come.

Emerson | Paradigm

Paradigm® is now part of Emerson's Exploration & Production Software business, forming the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry. For over 30 years, our mission has been to help natural resources companies increase confidence in their exploration and production decisions by providing deeper insight into the subsurface. Today, our company supports a number of long-term development projects and has a local presence in 30 cities, representing all of the major energy centers on the globe.

The Emerson E&P Software business, comprising Paradigm and Roxar software solutions, aims at helping oil and gas operators increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve return on investment. Our end-to-end geoscience and engineering software portfolio enables customers to transform their organizations and workflows, and connect subsurface technology to operational activities. Our solutions help decision-makers reduce uncertainty, improve confidence, minimize risk, and support responsible asset management.

Geologists, geophysicists,and engineers rely on our rich portfolio of productivity tools and scientifically advanced applications to construct the industry’s most advanced subsurface models. These decision-makers know that with Paradigm solutions, they can reduce uncertainty, improve confidence, minimize risk, and support responsible asset management. Paradigm solutions share a unified 3D visualization canvas and a network-based data management infrastructure. We live our Corporate Values everyday: Integrity, accountability, collaboration, commitment,and respect.

Emerson Company Profile

We are committed to radically improving our process and industrial business customers' performance with measurable results.
Industry leaders are looking at Emerson as a trusted partner that continuously innovates to help them meet the next big challenge. Our Automation Solutions platform enables us to collaborate across our automation businesses to develop more complete solutions for customers based upon our deep industry experience, and further leverage our global presence to achieve both sales and operational synergies across the platform. Strategic Exploration and Production software form a key component of our strategy to help our customers safely and efficiently find and extract natural resources.

Emerson E&P Software Domains

  • Seismic Processing & Imaging

  • Interpretation & Modeling

  • Reservoir Characterization

  • Reservoir Engineering

  • Well Planning & Drilling Engineering

  • Production Management

  • Data Management & Interoperability